Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I moved to England in 2004, in 2010 relocated from London to Bournemouth and then in 2014 moved back to Australia and currently reside in Sydney.

I have always loved taking photos, however my interest increased with the purchase of my first compact digital camera in 2003, whilst living in Japan. It was a country that amazed me and my camera was my constant companion.

In 2007 I bought my first digital SLR and I completed an Open University short course in digital photography (T189, a course I highly recommend). The course gave me the technical understanding and confidence to switch my camera to manual.

I have a love for the sea and always find myself drawn towards water when looking for a subject to photograph. The move to the beautiful county of Dorset (where Bournemouth is located) reunited me with the sea and gave my photography fresh inspiration.

My camera is a Canon EOS 6D, which I purchased in 2013. My previous camera, which a lot of the images on this site were taken with, is a 50D.

My film camera is a lovely old Kodak Retina Ia (from the early 1950's) and before moving back to Australia, I developed my film at home. There are a few images in the Film gallery which were developed by Ilford, before I started developing at home.

In 2016 my friend and I will be embarking on a 7 month trip around half of Australia, giving us time to explore this amazing country with our cameras. You can follow our journey on our Facebook page called White Coast Red Centre, for which there's a link to in my Links section.